Container Store

Glendale, Arizona

Vintage Partners identified an obsolete big box building in the shadow of Arrowhead Mall. Container Store selected this location and Vintage Partners delivered a new level five finish building five months later. 

Corner on 7th

Phoenix, Arizona

The Corner on 7th is a downtown urban redevelopment of a series of buildings built between 1928 and 1954. Vintage Partners saved much of the the historic detail in the buildings while preparing new space for one of the busiest intersections in the City of Phoenix. Chipotle, Five Guys Burgers, Jersey Mike’s, and a number of other retailers make up what has become one of downtown Phoenix’s most successful redevelopment projects.

Mill Town/P3

Flagstaff, AZ

Vintage Partners was selected over a number of other development companies to partner with the Arizona Department of Transportation and the City of Flagstaff to move and develop the new Northern Arizona ADOT/MVD headquarters, construct new roads eliminating major traffic, and deliver a new mixed-use development on the most important stretch of road in Flagstaff. Vintage Partners proposed the relocation of the ADOT facility to an adaptive reuse of the current Harkins Theater, while moving the theater to a new development at the Flagstaff Mall. This allows Vintage Partners to create a new mixed-use development on the existing ADOT site. The Harkins Theater will be moved to a more commercially significant part of the city, and ADOT will have a newer, purposefully designed, accessible location. There will also be an opportunity for more commercial development that will continue the economic growth of Flagstaff’s city center.


Tempe, Arizona

Vintage Partners took an under utilized parcel of land in a strategic location and made it useful. The parcel had a road running through the middle and a large Arizona Department of Transportation right of way taking all the frontage. Vintage Partners arranged for ADOT to abandon the ROW to the City of Tempe and then used a development agreement with the city to bring the frontage back to the parcel, moving the road to create a new asset with significant demand from retail users. 

Gateway Village

Avondale, Arizona

Vintage Partners acquired 17 acres in Avondale, Arizona for the development of an 111,200 square foot shopping center. Vintage Partners worked closely with the City of Avondale to rezone and remove some restrictions to the site. The City of Avondale was an amazing partner, working closely with our team to bring necessary tenants and sales tax revenue to Avondale. Vintage Partners also negotiated with Clear Channel Outdoor and delivered the first fully digital billboard in Avondale. Gateway Village will serve as the City of Avondale’s premier shopping destination with surrounding projects to complement the city's expanding shopping experience.  

Oracle and Ina

Tucson, Arizona

Vintage Partners acquired an old gas station with five gas tanks still in the ground in the environmentally sensitive city of Oro Valley. We remediated the site and delivered a new location to Bedmart, a national mattress company. Vintage Partners was able to sell the triple net leased asset into a strong investment market in 2014. 

John Wayne Parkway

Maricopa, Arizona

Chipotle, Starbucks, Jersey Mike's anchor this retail corner in the high traffic entrance to the City of Maricopa. Vintage Partners purchased a 20 acre site and sold 17 acres to Dignity Health for a new regional hospital leaving 2 acres to develop a successful retail center for the City of Maricopa.

7th and Roosevelt

Phoenix, Arizona

Vintage Partners worked closely with a convenience store to deliver the first all brick exterior convenience store to the downtown Phoenix Roosevelt Historic District. This partnership also included restrictions on the sale of alcohol in three other downtown convenience locations and a new home for a non-profit in the existing store site across the street. The intersection was cleaned up and the rampant problems associated with the previous store were lessened considerably. 

Maricopa Marketplace

Maricopa, Arizona

Located in Maricopa, Arizona, the Vintage Partners team was able to acquire 14.75 acres of land zoned for a new vibrant shopping center along John Wayne Parkway and Edison Rd. The development will be roughly 130,000 square feet of regional and national tenants. 

Flagstaff Gateway

Flagstaff, Arizona

Vintage Partners acquired 93 acres located in the Rio De Flag flood zone at the corner of I-40 and Country Club in Flagstaff, Arizona. The site, with nearly 80 acres in 404 Flood zone at the time of purchase, had little value. Vintage Partners worked closely with the City of Flagstaff to redesign the flood-way and bring nearly 40 acres out. The site is redesigned with a grocery anchored retail center and numerous pads. Vintage Partners completely redesigned the roadway in order to deliver a retail center where only flood water had previously existed. Vintage Partners saw what others missed and delivered value to all stakeholders. 

Prescott Retail Pads

Prescott, Arizona

Vintage Partners, working closely with a long time ranching family, has identified and is now marketing retail pads at one of the busiest intersections in the Prescott/Prescott Valley area, adjacent to Prescott Mall located in Arizona. 

Best Buy Arrowhead

Glendale, Arizona

Vintage Partners purchased an existing Best Buy building located at the  Arrowhead Mall. Our intention was to serve the existing tenant for as long as they desired to be in this location.

32st and Camelback

Phoenix, Arizona

Vintage Partners purchased a core “Camelback Corridor" asset and sold it to a national storage user.

Arrowhead Big Lots

Glendale, Arizona

Vintage Partners acquired a vacant 34,000 square foot building located next to Arrowhead Towne Center in Glendale, Arizona for approximately 40% of replacement cost. Within 6 months a tenant was identified and a lease was signed with Big Lots thereafter. The property sold to a publicly traded REIT 13 months after purchase.

Elliot Alma School Mervyn's

Chandler, Arizona

Vintage Partners bought and sold a former Mervyn's building in Chandler, Arizona to a regional furniture user.


Phoenix, Arizona

Vintage Partners purchased an old muffler shop with environmental challenges, as it contained gas tanks installed over a fifty year period. The site was remediated and the billboard was sold to a national REIT and the actual site was sold to the Sam Fox “The Yard” development.